Saturday, March 5, 2011

Opposition Grows to Arnold's Last Regental Nominee

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Opposition is growing to the confirmation of David Crane, Arnold's last nominee to sit on the Board of Regents.  Crane, a Democrat who served as a Schwarzenegger economic adviser, made his career in the  financial sector.  He recently wrote an op-ed attacking collective bargaining rights for public employees.

In response, Senators Yee and Lieu have come out in opposition to Crane's confirmation.  Lieu in particular has called out Crane for perpetuating myths about the responsibility of public employees and their unions for the current budget crisis.  Crane has since tried to walk back some of his comments--claiming that they did not apply to UC.

Of course, none of this activity speaks to the question of why Jerry Brown has not withdrawn Crane's nomination, a nomination that at the very least will further entrench the corporate and financial sector's dominance on the Board of Regents.  One would think that Brown, at a point when he is asking tremendous sacrifice of those throughout the University would want to broaden the perspective of the Board.

There is a petition to Brown calling for him to withdraw Crane's nomination.  You can find it here.

Update: Video of the Rally Against Crane's nomination included speakers from CUCFA

Update 2: "Is David Crane Just Another Kochhead?"

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