Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Budget Day

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Today is the deadline for the Legislature to pass a budget without having their pay frozen.  So it seems like that something will emerge by the evening.  There is no guarantee that what passes today will actually become the state budget (there is no requirement that Jerry Brown sign it in order to keep his pay from being frozen).  But given that the Democrats have decided that the Republicans will not compromise what emerges today will probably be the best that we will see.  And it will be pretty bad.  Among other likely actions will be another 300 million dollar cut to higher ed (split between UC and CSU) as well as other deferrals.   For a quick look at what is on the table today see:,0,6619176.story


UCOP responded in its usual forceful manner:

"We are assessing the latest proposal from the state Senate, and it's too soon to say with certainty what the impact would be. But there's no question that additional cuts would not be good news for UC and the Californians it serves. The university already has taken steps to absorb a $500 million cut, and we have been preparing contingencies in the event of an all-cuts budget. Any further cuts would threaten our ability to provide access, affordability and academic excellence."

Update 2:

The Senate Passed the Main Budget Bill this Afternoon.

Update 3:
Yudof and Gould Respond to the Budget (h/t Dan Mitchell) 

Update 4:
Brown Vetoes the Budget  

Update 5:
Democratic Leadership Responds to Veto  

We will update the story as, if, we get more information.

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