Monday, September 12, 2011

Links for September 12. 2011

The latest on UC's online project:  UCOP is looking for students overseas.  Its participants are sure the offerings will be fabulous.

Larry Pitts announces his retirement as of February.

Regents to Discuss Plan to Raise Fees Dramatically over the next 4 years if state funding is not increased.

The University of Illinois is trying to set up new email rules to more closely regulate control what faculty and students may say online and where they can say it.  

Faculty at Western Nevada are fighting back against the firing of tenured faculty:  they won't serve on search committees for replacements.

In case you hadn't noticed, campuses are turning into one big commercial.

Bank of America is planning on cutting 30,000 jobs.

Surprisingly, Britain's Austerity plan will increase inequality and lower the standard of living for the poor.

As the economy declines, student default rates are going UP.

Apparently the Wise People are pressuring the Super Congress to Cut even more than they are required to.

Jamie Dimon thinks that he and his Friends should be deciding what to do about banks.  Apparently consumers are too self-interested.

Oh, and he also thinks that US banks should tell international regulators how to set up the world's financial rules.  I guess that is because they did such a great job of running the world before.

There is a new analysis out about the tension between Freedom of Information Laws and Academic Freedom following all the recent controversies about emails.

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