Thursday, September 22, 2011

Links for September 22

Lots of Links today so I have put them below the fold to save front page space.  Don't forget Chris' recent post on the Regents immediately below this one.

Day of Protest at UCBerkeley

It doesn't look like patents are going to be able to make a huge difference in UC's budget problems.

Latest on Berkeley's Operation Incompetence excellence.

The numbers of UC managers continue to grow even as faculty hiring is down.

Jerry Brown seems to be figuring out that contemporary republicans are not like the ones he dealt with during his first time as Governor.  Too bad it took him so long.

New Grad Enrollment is down this year across the country--especially in business, education, and public administration.

Senate Sub-Committee preserves Pell Grants but ends grace period on interest payments.

Is the economy creating a "lost generation" of young adults?

Increasingly money is driving admissions decisions--and not just acceptance decisions.

Looking for the Buffets--colleges looking for students "of means."

Texans don't actually seem to approve of Rick Perry.

The Occupation at Wall Street to protest finance capital continues.  The tensions seem to be heading up as the police are reportedly getting more aggressive.  Police have arrested at least 16 since Saturday.  There are reports that similar protests are beginning elsewhere.

UK Students set November 9 as date for protest against Government's "fundamentalism" on education funding.

Despite austerity for the people UK government borrowing hits new high in August.

Irvine 11 case has gone to the Jury.

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