Friday, September 30, 2011

Links for Sptember 30

Sorry for the lack of links the past couple of days--it has been a very busy week.  Anyway, we have a bunch for you below the fold.

And don't forget Stan Glantz's post on UC privatization immediately below!

Cal State Faculty Union asks for a strike authorization after administration refuses to pay negotiated salaries.

The Bay Guardian raises the simple question:  why didn't the SF Chronicle run Peter Byrne's story on the Regents?

Hate Crimes at UC Berkeley rose last year.

Marcy Wheeler and Glen Greenwald offer analyses of why the corporate media is proving so hostile to Occupy Wall Street and what that tells us.

While Yves Smith and Jonathan Turley wonder what has happened to civil liberties.

Still Occupy Wall Street goes on and explores new forms of dissent.   And the airline pilots approve.

Other New York Labor Unions are joining in as well.

Occupy Wall Street has issues a Declaration.

In California school districts and administrators are challenging the budget agreement in court.  You can find more on this story at the LAT.

Brown is considering bill on to allow more diversity considerations in admissions.

George Breslauer explains what makes a public university. (scroll down) (h/t to Cloudminder)

House Republicans push to cut back on the Pell Grant Program.

Growing Debate over the proper focus for General Ed.

US incomes fell last month.

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