Monday, October 3, 2011

Links for Monday October 3

Lots concerning Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots, student costs and debt, and the economic crises facing California in today's links.  Just check below the fold:

The journal Reclamations has issued a pamphlet about and against student debt, and Reclaim UC has posted about it.

CHE blogger Marc Bousquet Occupies San Jose, calling it a relief from "top-down academic wankery."  Occupy Wall Street is being well- and continuously-analyzed at Fire Dog Lake.  "We're the 99%" is settling in a the pivotal slogan.  "We're the 99%" also applies to public universities: it's the percentage of US college students who do NOT attend the "Ivy League Plus" colleges (Ivies plus Stanford, Duke and six other high-ranking privates).

The images of Occupy Wall Street just keep coming.

Occupy Los Angeles takes up its place at City Hall.

Debating the meanings of Occupy Wall Street.  Be sure to read the comments.

Kevin Gosztola offers more thoughts on the relationship of Occupy Wall Street and more institutionalized campaigns.

Schools scramble for online ventures: but to what end?

UCOP announces new guidelines for self-supporting graduate programs.

Academic Senate offers a less fantasy-based evaluation of Grad Funding than UCOP's.

The American Historical Association is urging its members to broaden their conceptions of a career and think more broadly about employment and training.

What went wrong with Business Schools?

Peter Schrag has some thoughts on the depth of California's housing Crisis.  And why it has been so difficult to get politicians to tackle it.

California Community Colleges received 37 Million in Grants for Science Education from the Feds.

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