Monday, October 17, 2011

Links for Monday October 17

Today in Links: The Costs of Athletics; the Destructiveness of Austerity; and the Foolishness of Managerial Ideology plus much more

And don't forget Stan Glantz' post on UCOP's proposal to further erode the salary scales immediately below.

A Federal Law Suit has been filed against several Berkeley officials over Wheeler Hall arrests. 

Looks Like Pac-12 athletic programs are still losing money.

Occupy Wall Street has real reasons for anger.

UCFA has organized a petition in support of Occupy Wall Street.

Wall Street itself is sulking.

You really can't make curricular decisions based on enrollment numbers.  Not at least if you want to remain educators.

Washington State's Community College System declares a financial emergency: makes it easier to lay off tenured faculty.

English Students to march November 9th to protest Coalition's attack on public higher education.

More problems with pension and health accounting may be on the way.

More evidence of the damage austerity policy is doing to the NHS.

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