Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Links for Wednesday October 19

UC Riverside Students grade the State on its commitment to Higher Ed and it isn't a good one.

And it looks like it is going to get worse.  The Triggered Cuts seem to be on their way.

Iain Pears lays out the situation in England.

The Battle between Public Universities and State Legislators is heating up.  Of course the students are the ones who lose.

Financial aid not based on need is driving low income students out of higher education.

Administrators are pressing hard on faculty teaching loads.

Art Schools are reconsidering the foundations of their education.

A former provost reflects on the distance between administrators and faculty.

Surprise!  The Bloomberg administration turned a petition against school funding cuts into a petition against teachers.  The only surprise is that they got called out over it.

Community College enrollments are declining.

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