Friday, October 7, 2011

Links for Friday, October 7

Occupy Wall Street (courtesy of Casey Blake)
More today on Banks, protests, international activity on higher education, and even some California news.  All below the fold.

UC Irvine starts an ROTC program.

For Those of you interested:  Here is an analysis of the legal status and time, place, and manner questions of Occupy Wall Street.

Jerry Brown signs bill limiting initiatives to November ballot in 2012.

Is Kamala Harris going to back down and rejoin the talks to let the Banks off the hook?

Obama gives Wall Street a Get Out of Jail Card for free.

Official US unemployment remains at 9.1%.

Former Berkeley Chancellor Berdahl gets new job at UOregon: 2 days a week at $96,000 a year salary.

British Academics challenge their own administration's failure to defend public higher education.

UK Lecturers threaten to work to time if Government tries to change their pensions.

Chilean Students have broken off talks with the government.  The government is threatening to criminalize protest.

Sarkozy is pushing for the creation of a "French Ivy League" that will break with educational egalitarianism.

In the UK there is growing higher ed inequality already.

More from Jeb Bush and Jim Hunt on the future of the University.

Gee, Eric Cantor doesn't like Occupy Wall Street.

Have a good weekend.

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