Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Links for October 12

Jerry Brown signs California Dream Act.  Vetoes Bill to allow diversity to be considered in admissions.

Dan Greenstein joins Jeb Bush and the President of US University at a clich√© hurricaine in Dallas TX on the Future of State Universities.  As you know, it has been decided that the future of state universities is distance learning.  Greenstein, assured all and sundry that there was a need for "leadership that is innovative, has a clear vision, and is willing to take risks."  Greenstein claimed that "as a university we are committed to launching an online program for undergraduate students." This no doubt was a comfort to sponsoring Govs Bush and Hunt, who invoked studies showing that computer are better teachers than teachers are.

Florida's Rick Scott thinks the state is wasting its money on social sciences.   After all, he thinks that corporations don't want those liberal arts skills anyway.  What is it with Florida governors and education anyway?

Texas school districts sue the state over funding cuts and inequities.

Joseph Stiglitz notes the government "Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%."

Occupy San Francisco takes on Wells Fargo. 

Hospital Workers are on a 24 hour strike at USC Medical Center. 

Paul Krugman comments on the real Panic on Wall Street.

Consumer groups protest Obama Administration's proposal to make it easier for collection agencies to collect student debts. 

In the UK: What are Universities For?

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