Monday, October 24, 2011

Links for Monday October 24

Not to worry: Dan Greenstein and other proponents of UC online assure us that it will maintain quality and not be used to downsize faculty.

Students are confused by UC's new admissions guidelines.

Task Force recommends changing the priorities of California's Community College System.

Mark Sumner has some history on the attack on public employee pensions.

No wonder Eric Cantor was scared to face the public at Wharton Business School.  Oh, and that doesn't count his telling students to work multiple jobs because he can't be bothered supporting Pell Grants.

Rick Scott wants to be Rick Perry:  Now he is going after Florida's Public University faculty.

Speaking of Rick Perry:  it looks like the Texas Miracle was dependent on the expansion of public sector jobs.  Now that they are being cut I wonder what is going to happen to that jobs record?

Senate Panel moves to lessen Federal role in K-12 education.

Schools across the nation are bracing for more cuts

Obama administration working on mortgage repayments to help the banks borrowers.

Dick Walker and Martin Bennett propose a new New Deal in response to the jobs crisis.

CUNY has expanded its remediation programs.

You will be shocked to hear that at Division 1 schools spending on athletics grew at double the pace as spending on academics.

In the run-up to fee increases, UK college applications have dropped 12%.

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