Thursday, October 6, 2011

Links for Thursday, October 6

More in today's links about protests and occupations, economic inequality, the defense of higher education and why it is that Harvard's economic influence may not be good for the country.

Occupy Colleges staged events all over the country on Wednesday.

And there was movement across California.

Visiting Occupy Wall Street.

Mark Levine reflects on how a great university is dying in California.

1/3 of Americans are one paycheck away from the threat of homelessness.

And there is new evidence on the relationship between inequality, the recession, and unemployment.

Harvard can claim ownership of a chunk of the lesser depression.  No wonder the British think more highly of Cal Tech.

Jeb Bush thinks that online ed is where you should be.

Online proponents seem to be making the same individualist mistake that economists have been making for several decades.  That worked out well didn't it?

Austerity really works.  UK economic growth even lower than expected.

Job Creators at the Chicago Board of Trade admit they are the 1%.

More information on Occupy Wall Street and other occupations and actions.

Turns out that public employees don't do better than private employees with their retirements.  But in California private sector employees are less likely to have retirement benefits from their employers than in the rest of the country.  I guess that is because the state makes such demands on its businesses.

University of Michigan has decided to invest money with venture capital in tech start-ups.

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