Thursday, October 13, 2011

Links for Thursday, October 13

Jerry Brown is going to propose a constitutional amendment on Pensions.

New report from Berkeley argues don't blame budget problems on public employees.

Jeb comes to San Francisco.  So do protesters.  (h/t Peter Krapp)

UCMeP's Equality Bake Sale Raises 1.8 Million.  The Daily Cal has more.

Senate Republicans offer their own jobs plan: cut back people's access to health care, gut environmental regulations and lower corporate taxes.

Hundreds of  private non-profits and for-profits  fail the government's test of financial solidity.

Community Colleges are hoping that Obama's jobs bill will provide funds for needed maintenance and upgrades.  Not that the Republicans care.

The CBP has a new report out about the financial condition of California's K-12 schools.  You will be stunned to learn that it is very bad.

As Online education spreads so does financial fraud apparently.

Enrollment in England's colleges has dropped for the first time since 1999.

Amazingly enough, it turns out that cutting funding does effect service.  NHS wait times are up dramatically after austerity.

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