Friday, September 23, 2011

Links for September 23

Important developments in the Irvine 11 case and Berkeley protests, Jerry signs the amazon bill, UC Davis is expanding, and nostalgia for shared governance.  That and other news and analysis below the fold.

Irvine 11 Convicted.  Will face Probation.

Live-blog of Berkeley Day of Action.

Video of Berkeley Day of Action.

Additional Coverage of Berkeley Day of Action.

Jerry Brown signs the compromise between Amazon and the Legislature.

Berkeley Faculty Association Statement in Defense of Public Education.

UC Davis announces plans to increase out of state enrollments dramatically.

Charlie Schwartz has again tried to get the Regents to rethink their budget assumptions.

Dan Simmons remembers Shared Governance. 

Bowling Green faculty release evidence that Bowling Green's administration helped write legislation banning unionization after faculty voted to join a union.

Are for-profit colleges targeting military veterans?

Obama Administration reveals how to get wavers from NCLB: You have to do what Arne Duncan wants.

Tax Policy and Growing Inequality:  Where did the Social Contract Go?

Elizabeth Warren points out that no one becomes a millionaire on their own.

UK Teachers' Union Chief pushes back at Cameron and Grove for Teacher-bashing.

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