Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Links for September 13

So the Regents start their September meeting today with their usual agenda. 

Of course you should take a look through it yourself but among the highlights are the presentation of  a budget plan that would most likely raise tuition between 60 and 80% over the next 4 years, discussion of the funding of UC Graduate Students, an update on the much vaunted attempt to introduce administrative efficiency through technologies, the "annual report on ethics and compliance," a discussion of whether UC is compensating Chancellors well enough, and a report on UC investments.

Does California Need to Reinvent its Higher Ed System?  John Aubrey Douglass thinks so. 

Calpers is planning on investing $800 million in California Infrastructure.

The State Republicans blocked Jerry's effort to prevent corporations from deciding how much they should be taxed.

In Washington, Republicans don't like Obama's latest jobs proposal because it might ask corporations to pay more for their private jets.

The President of Vassar has a suggestion on how to change college rankings.

Rick Scott wants to imitate Rick Perry in changing Florida's universities.

Fewer people are applying to M.B.A. programs.

According to the Census most people in the US are getting poorer.  Not surprisingly people in California have been very hard hit.

The UK had the third highest fees for Higher Ed in the OECD before the recent tuition increases.

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