Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Links for September 14

Bob Samuels is taking the fight to Washington.

SFGate provides more detail on UC's plan for consistently raising tuition.

The Economist takes the time to remind everyone of a fundamental reality: California's semi-privatization of higher ed is bad for both the state and its economy.

The California Budget Project has the latest analysis on the long-term increase in spending on Corrections in California.

The State's Revenues exceeded expectations in August, but September will be key to whether "triggers" kick in.

The Delta Project suggests that in the first year of ARRA colleges did a pretty good job protecting core functions.   But they also show that gaps between rich and poor institutions are growing and that community colleges are being hit hardest by the cuts.

Higher Education Price Index rose last year at twice as fast a pace as the year before.

The number of Americans living below the poverty line is at its highest in over 50 years.  Blacks and Latinos have been especially hard hit.

The Washington Post points out that low capital gains tax rates have increased inequality.  Color me shocked.

Texas Teachers are struggling with the effects of $4 Billion dollars in budget cuts.

Congress has decided to make it easier to start Charter Schools.

Dems upset in two crucial House elections.

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